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When the ​Thornwood Gallery​ opened in 2000, it quickly earned a reputation for offering high-quality works by national, international, and emerging artists.

The selection represents a variety of styles, and artists include:

Begona Martin

Born in Spain, ​Begona Martin​ showed a talent for painting and drawing at a young age. In her early twenties, she took classes from local painters, and her works are now sold around the world. Begona enjoys demonstrating the reality of daily life and states she has a near obsession with detail.

Miguel Peidro

With a passion for both painting and nature, it’s no wonder ​Miguel Peidro​ illustrates landscapes. He takes inspiration from his nature walks throughout Europe, and his works intertwine color and light. Miguel uses a panoramic format to best draw in his viewers, and his awareness of the outdoors resonates in his paintings.

Bill Webb

Houston native ​Bill Webb​ was raised on the city’s northwest side. He grew up hunting with his father in the woods of south and central Texas, and it’s where he became passionate about trees. In the mid-1960s, he decided to make a metal tree for his patio, and this unique creation led to an impressive portfolio of trees with handmade birds and nests. These works have become his trademark on the Texas art scene.

Scott Steele

When ​Scott Steele​ modeled in Asia and Europe, it ignited his artistic spark. After leaving the fashion industry, he began to paint in the photorealistic genre. Those works were well received, and Scott later experimented with the Abstract Expressionistic style which was inspired by his love of Northern Ontario. Today, this self-taught artist focuses on honing his craft, and his works sell across the globe.

The Thornwood Gallery is just one of the art destinations near Skyhouse Main. If you would like to call our community home, please ​contact us​ to learn about our leasing options.

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