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Did you know Texas has over 70 official paddling trails throughout the state? One of these popular trails winds through downtown Houston and offers spectacular views of the city’s skyline. A day on the water in the heart of the city is just ten minutes from Skyhouse Main.

The Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail

The Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail​ is a well-mapped trail that both a beginner and a more experienced paddler can navigate easily. This 26-mile trail, too long for a single day trip, has shorter segments that can be paddled in one to four hours. The trail begins at

Highway 6 and continues through Allen’s Landing Park in downtown Houston. You can

put your boat in at Eleanor Tinsley Park in Houston for a one hour tour through the city. This easy paddle has a varied terrain and the banks expose a geology of red clay, sand, and sandstone. Large black willows dip their branches into the water while the stately cottonwood and sycamore rustle nearby. If you are lucky you will see a majestic live oak with Spanish moss or the gnarled branches of a hickory tree. Egrets, herons, and hawks are frequent visitors to the trail and you may even hear the high pitched whistle of a bald eagle.

Getting Started

No everyone has their own boat, and if you need to rent equipment or want to paddle with a group, there are great outfitters in the Houston area. ​Bayou City Adventures​ rents canoes and kayaks, offers lessons and has tours and trips led by certified instructors. A little further to the north, ​Southwest Paddle Sports​ has everything you need to enjoy a day on the water with boats, lessons, and shuttles.
There are other places to paddle in the Houston area, but none offer such extraordinary vistas of the city from the unique perspective of the bayou.

If you would like to live in a luxury apartment near great paddling adventures on the bayou, ​contact us​ at Skyhouse Main.